Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fundamentals of IT Survival Guide 101

WHAT: Information Technology Survival Guide 101 (ITSG101)

    In the era of Technological Revolution, interaction with IT is inevitable. Today's Corporations and even small enterprises depend heavily on computers and other IT devices to perform daily business transactions. Internet, computers and mobile phones are ubiquitous, IT enables us to stay connected, updated and improves our way of living through new inventions and products that aid us in our day to day living.

    IT has evolved tremendously throughout its existence. Mankind’s passion for improvement fuels the continuous and rapid development in IT. This guide aims to equip its readers with the knowledge needed not just to survive but to prevail in the forever changing IT arena.

WHO: Everyone

    Everyone is a potential victim of IT related threats, ranging from hacking, identity theft or even cyber bullying. People who uses IT equipments rarely are not spared from such attacks.

    Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are information used to specifically identify an individual, it may be a person’s name, address, username, password, credit card number or social security number. These information are saved in the databases of websites you access, companies you interact with, government records and your computer. To some extent PII’s has been related to several criminal cases including theft, stalking, kidnapping and murder.

WHY: Safety, Security and Positive IT experience

    Prevention is always better than cure. Being knowledgeable and updated is the best defense that you can have to ensure your safety in the IT realm. Information is the most valuable asset that one should posses, it is like a double edge sword which can be used for attack and defense, nonetheless, if not handled cautiously may cause harm to the bearer.

WHEN: Now! Before it’s too late…

    Alongside the development and enhancements in IT are the new threats which aim to compromise IT components such as websites, network infrastructure and software for personal gains. The legendary battle between developers and hackers have been existing for ages, viruses and new hacking methods are devised to exploit modern day systems. Needless to say that no matter how updated you are there will always be new threats, viruses and scams that may victimize you without being aware of it.

WHERE: Right Here! Right Now! 
ITSG101 articles are categorized depending on the complexity of the topics.

    1. Basic (for the noobs)

    2. Intermediate (normal mode)

    3. Advance (geek level)

Articles may also be sub-categorized as an update or tutorial.

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